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JD Energy works with principals; i.e. the manufacturers and service providers we represent, throughout the Power Industry – from baseload generation to behind the meter. We focus on new product and service development. Technology upgrades across the generation plants and the electric grid are happening at a more rapid pace, and failures impact people’s lives. Keeping up is hard but falling behind is expensive and also risky.

When you need to upgrade your power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to transform your business, your existing sales channel won’t be enough. JD Energy is an experienced, established independent manufacturers’ representative who will partner with you to introduce new concepts, products, and services to the marketplace, in a way that fits your needs and your budget.

Some distinct advantages include:

  • Immediate market access
  • A partner vested in your success
  • Multi-skilled sales professionals
  • Industry experience
  • Long-established customer relationships
  • A solutions approach to your product
  • Time saved with multiple-line sales presentations
  • Access to new and unusual products
  • Trusted, consistent, personalized sales support

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