John M. Knott

President of JD Technologies, LLC

John began his career with GE in Lynn, Massachusetts as a product design engineer and graduated from their rigorous Engineering Career Development Program. This was followed by senior design and new product design responsibility with United Technologies Corporation, where he transitioned into marketing and sales. With this experience, coupled with an MBA, John achieved assignments of increasing responsibilities with both established tech companies and start-ups. He has successfully represented manufacturers by selling products in the Northeast region of the United States and throughout the world since 1989.

The common denominator with John’s extensive sales and marketing experience and accomplishments has been “identifying and satisfying customer values better than the competition can or will do” and selling technical products and services resulting in increased revenue and profit.

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Connecticut.
  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering (with an Electrical Engineering Minor) from Northeastern University.
  • Masters in Business Administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Matthew R. Knott

Vice President, JD Technologies, LLC
Head of JD Energy

Matthew’s passion is working with utilities to find the right solutions that improve the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of the electric grid. He brings over a decade of experience in engineering, marketing, sales, and product management within multiple verticals of the energy industry. As a Senior Sales Engineer and Product Manager for ABB’s Distribution Components, a division of Power Products Business Unit, Matthew managed a $70M line of instrument transformer products while introducing new distribution sensor solutions to the market. Prior to ABB, he worked with Invensys Operations Management (now Schneider Electric) as an Application Engineer, responsible for the design and implementation of distributed control systems in generation plants ranging from 50KW biomass to 1000MW nuclear reactors.

Matthew also has experience growing start-up companies such as Gridco Systems that provide innovative system solutions for the energy industry. His work in leading both product management and marketing new solutions have helped utilities manage the shifting paradigm of increasing two-way power flow due to increasing distributed generation, more stringent security, environmental, and efficiency regulations, plus the growing need to manage capacity in real-time along the distribution grid.

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Masters in Business Administration from Babson College

Judy Monahan

Director of Marketing

Judy is responsible for all JD Technologies and JD Energy marketing efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Coordinating with all our principals making sure our marketing efforts / strategy is an enhancement and complementary to their marketing strategy
  • Composing and executing email marketing campaigns
  • Writing and publishing press releases
  • Scheduling and executing all marketing efforts using numerous platforms; e.g. Constant Contact, Publisher, InfusionSoft

In addition, Judy maintains the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and ensures that the database of JD Technologies, LLC contacts is accurate and up to date.

Judy also manages the JDTechSales.com website which includes adding new content to the website such as new blog posts and news items.  She is the contact person for our principals and works with them to create their principal page.  She communicates with them often to continually update with new items of interest.

Judy is detail oriented and strives for accuracy and precision in all she does.


Laura Rivera

Outbound Marketing Representative

Laura has experience in the Health Care, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer industries. Responsibilities include sales as well as customer service. As a Wellness Coordinator for Berwick Estates, an assisted living facility she specialized in dementia care. Laura was responsible for social activity planning, patient care planning, conveyed a philosophy that supported the dignity, privacy, independence, choice, and individuality of residents.

Laura also has experience in the automotive and photography industries. As a Client Care specialist at Michaud Mitsubishi, she created a strong rapport and set specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplished daily task. Developed valuable connections with clients to provide vehicle information in response to inquiries about products, services, and finance options and set appointments to give customers an opportunity to view the product in person and potentially purchase.

As a Reservation coordinator she was successful at booking portrait sessions, building rapport with clients, maintain an active database on all leads and potential clients, provide charity auction support by reaching out to potential auctions for donations.

Laura’s passion resides in working in the customer service industry and strongly believes in ethics and integrity and genuinely cares about people.


Randolph Sablich

Director of Business Development

As a proven VP/GM and CEO Randy restructured organizations for profitable growth, handled significant business growth of three companies (including two take-overs and one privatization), penetrated new markets and grew existing markets and customers as much as 100% growth.

Strong people skills, working knowledge and application of ISO, LEAN, SPC and Business Development/Capture, Program/Proposal Management techniques and Processes.  Expertise in markets of Defense and Aerospace, Automotive, Contract Manufacturing, High Technology Electronics and Medical Device components.

  • Randy combines technical and market knowledge with business acumen to deliver market growth and increased profitability solutions.  He applies his expertise and experience in both Leadership and Capture/Proposal Development to assist companies in achieving their growth objectives.  Randy is proficient at consultative selling and is focused on the part of the business process that he enjoys, knows the best and has achieved outstanding results:  GROWTH THROUGH PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT AND LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE.
  • Solid experience in multiple technologies growing lagging businesses doubling sales in three years.  Proven experience learning new technologies quickly to implement business growth scenarios.
  • New business expertise and experience in a variety of leadership roles in General Management, Business Development/Capture and Operations as CEO, VP/GM and Director level positions.

Eric Gustafson

Senior Sales Engineer

Eric worked for large companies as well as startups before becoming involved in consulting and consultative selling. Specific areas of accomplishment includes but are not limited to advanced technologies, lasers and optical systems, RF electronics, underwater systems, microwave electronics and infrared countermeasures. Received numerous patents including “Laser system for crowd suppression”, US Patent number 8114067.

He became proficient at building relationships with a wide array of companies and service providers such as laser diode developers, laser crystal manufacturers, machine shops, die casting houses, investment casting houses, rapid prototype and development companies as well as many other technology areas.

Eric also established relationships at BAE Systems and was able to get funding to help support the research of advanced heat exchanger technologies at University of New Hampshire which included development of porous foam heat exchangers as well as studies in microfluidic technologies and nanofluidic theory.

  • After graduating with honors in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA, Eric began his career at BAE Systems in 1996.
  • He continued his studies at the University of New Hampshire gaining technical expertise in the area of heat transfer, fluid flow dynamics, continuum mechanics and vibration analysis.
  • With a strong technical foundation Eric transitioned into consulting / business development and then sales involved extensively in new product development / introduction while filling gaps in customer’s technology road maps.

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