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Elpis Squared is a provider of inventive, cost-efficient solutions for many industries: medical, aerospace, energy, industrial, military, and defense. Elpis combines technical know-how and deep industry experience with innovative and creative ideas. This powerful combination builds reliable, intelligent, and cutting-edge technologies that take their customers’ businesses to the next level and creates the future of data acquisition and analysis.

Elpis delivers technology and services that enable their customers to shape the bright future of their businesses – delivering speedy and accurate insights, making the most of existing infrastructure, and creating even greater value both today and in the years to come.


The Elpis Flex Controller is an adaptable, responsive computing and communication platform. It’s created and built from the ground up, with distributed architecture in mind. Providing support for logging data, local control and coordination, flexible upstream communications and networking, Flex Controllers offer a unified gateway and swiftly transform data from raw material into polished decision-ready information. This helps to drive better results in the middle of increased complexity and increasing expectations.

The Flex Controller supports three configuration options:

  • Flex Controller-Base: This option supplies the foundational networking framework and data analysis platform to gather and analyze local data, and talk to and control distributed assets.
  • Flex Controller-PQ: : This option adds onto the base platform and incorporates a native Medium Voltage (MV) or Low-Voltage (LV) sensor, providing local measurement at the coupling point.
  • Flex Controller-XPQ: : This option provides the possibility to externally connect third-party sensors to the Flex Controller. This lets utilities take advantage of the existing stock of sensors and modernize capacity with distributed intelligence.

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The Flex Controller provides an advanced, responsive, and cost-conscious hardware/software system solution across the power industry value chain. It leverages your valuable data to deliver increased reliability, sustainability, and efficiency through:

  • Asset Investment Planning
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Volt/VAR Optimization
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management
  • Outage Management
  • Distribution Grid Planning
  • Direct Sensing and Actuation
  • Phase Identification
  • Capacity Optimization
  • Distributed Control through localized intelligence
  • Data Collection and Validation
  • and much more!


  • Meet increasing energy demands in a cost-effective and reliable way
  • Use advancements in technology to go beyond “business as usual”
  • Change asset operations from reactive to prescriptive, maximizing lifetime while making quick, accurate repair or replace decisions
  • Make it easier and swifter to incorporate new technologies as they become available
  • Integrate proven technologies with a track record of success
  • Implement scalable systems with the flexibility to evolve and grow in the future
  • Refine data quality to provide more precise system forecasting, planning, and asset management


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