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NEMO is made up of three related groups: New England Mechanical Overlay, Inc (NEMO), NEMO Fabrication, and Harvard NDE.

Founded in 2005, NEMO’s area of expertise is wide. They are experts here to help with such varied tasks as repairing industrial boilers, maintaining power plants, installing corrosion-resistant overlay, shop fabrication, pipe fitting, and other related projects.

The second part of NEMO’s team, NEMO Fabrication, is here to meet all your design and fabrication needs. They specialize in bespoke ASME tank design and manufacturing, in addition to process and power pipe fitting. Working out of their 6,000+ square foot shop in Pittsfield, NH, they can create a host of other mechanical pieces and assemblies for a variety of industries.

The NEMO Fabrication team of designers partner with you to make fabrication drawings of your project – they’ll adhere to all certification and compliance requirements with supporting calculations and material specifications. To finish, the New England road crew brings and/or install your final fabrication.

And the third piece in the NEMO family is Harvard NDE, which performs non-destructive examinations.


  • ASME Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • Piping & Piping Components

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  • ASME Tank and Pressure Vessel Design & Fabrication
  • Assembly & Test including NDE (non-destructive examinations)
  • Mechanical & Structural Fabrication
  • Welding & Overlay Welding
  • Piping and Piping Component Fabrication

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What sets NEMO apart from the rest of the industry is their team of companies. New England Mechanical Overlay, NEMO Fabrication, and Harvard NDE work together seamlessly to give you everything your project needs: design, manufacturing, delivery, full install, testing, examination, and maintenance.

This full-service approach, along with an exceptional safety record and their skilled and diligent certified welders, come together to give you the NEMO Advantage.

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